October 26, 2011

A Trip, a Step, a Fall, a Rise

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The process of growth is both painful and exhilarating.

The painful part is the stumbling that occurs on the way.  Skinned knees are part of the natural process of growing…just ask any 18 month old…yet they continue on…stumbling, falling, flopping, and getting up yet again.

The exhilarating part is learning new principles and re-learning old ones.  You know what I mean.  More often than not, we need reminded than taught.  The new principles get filtered through what I already know.  Old principles re-hashed are almost as exciting as the new ones.

I remember almost every one of our five children’s first steps.  There was one common denominator in the walking of my children…the encouragement of mommy, daddy, and family.  Never discount the encouragement of others.  A word, a cheer, a smile…it moves young and old alike to take the next step.

Interesting point:  Those cheering know there will be falling…yet they cheer on.  Why?  Those cheering have learned how to walk and know it’s worth it.

My part?  Look from both angles…be a learner and a leader.

Learning, growing, and applying truth is all on me.  I will be the best student I know.  Break out the ointment…I’m gonna need it.  My knees will be bloody and bruised, but I will not stop.

Leading is a privilege and responsibility with a heavy final outcome.  I am leaving a legacy for my children, wife, and team.  May that legacy be worthy of admiration.  Cheer on with positive words of encouragement.

I spoke with four 19 year-old men last week and asked them when the last time was that they were told that they could make something great out of their lives.  “Never.”  Sad.  True?  Probably not, but the fact remains that they were not told enough that they were winners and could achieve whatever they wanted.


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  1. Sometimes, more then most we find it hard to accept the truth even though we know it’s true.

    Comment by Michael Volin — December 24, 2011 @ 9:42 pm | Reply

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