October 26, 2011

Free or Slave?

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Free or Slave?

Throughout History there are three types of societies; Marshall, Theocratic, and Economic

Marshall societies exist to make war.  Their success is based on the ability to conquer and subjugate nations in their path.  In its worst form it creates slavery and pain for the people whom it conquers.  Historical examples are Alexander the Great, Ghengis Khan, and Adolf Hitler.  

Theocratic societies exist to spread the “good news” of their god.  They make money to spread their religious beliefs.  In its worst form it creates a theocratic dictatorship and much pain, fear, and slavery for the people whom they convert; typically at the edge of a sword or barrel of a gun.  Historical examples are The Crusades, Ancient Egypt, and modern day Islam.

Economic societies exist for the advancement of the citizens of the nation.  Success is gauged by the level of ease and affluence of the inhabitants.  Economic societies go to war to protect the ability to make money and a decent living.  In its worst form it creates an attitude of lazy, leisure-focused citizens who think everything should be given to them.  They end up in slavery first to their indulgences, then to nations who conquer their fat, lazy citizens. Economic societies are typically overrun by Marshall or Theocratic societies because the people have forgotten how to defend themselves.  Historical examples are Rome, Greece, and The United States of America.

Are we as a society there?  Not yet…but if we do not change something soon, it will be reality.  There has never been a society that has not ended this way without some major changes in the thinking of its people.

At the birth of our nation, there were a group of men who wanted a Theocratic nation.  Thomas Jefferson rejected the idea for its end…a theocratic dictatorship.  He pressed hard for the nation’s documents to reflect an economic society.  “Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” ring a bell?

The United States will not see a societal shift unless we get so fat, undisciplined, lazy, and ignorant that we cannot defend ourselves.  Thomas Jefferson is credited with the statement, “If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, it expects something that never was and never will be.”


It has been said that in 5 years your life will be the exact same with the exception of the books that you read and the friends you make.

  1. Educate yourself. 
    1. Turn off the TV and spend 15 minutes a night reading books to make you think.  Living vicariously through the remote or romance novel will not keep you free.(sorry, I know that stepped on a couple of toes)
    2. Turn commute time into educational time.  CD’s designed to improve thinking have helped countless people and you could be one of them.
  2. Associate
    1. If I choose to hang with bank robbers…what will eventually happen to me?  I will eventually be like them.  Disagree if you want, but you can’t outrun natural law…the law of association.
    2. The same principle works if you would like to be a millionaire by the way.

You have nothing to lose in giving it a try, and who knows, maybe you can have a part in keeping our society intact.


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