January 2, 2013

New Years Resolutions

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I want to make a resolution to follow through on my resolution.

Why do we make them in the first place?

I am dissatisfied with my current reality. Whether it’s weight-loss (most Americans), bad habits (nail-biting for instance), or business success, there is a hunger that is driving me to change. The greater the gap, the greater my hunger level.

Why do we fail them in February or sooner?

When I mismanage my expectations I lose hope. I think it won’t take the effort it really does. I need to expect it to cost more than I thought. I also need to be willing to overpay to achieve that goal. Orrin Woodward gives a very simple formula for achieving big things: What’s the price, pay it. It never goes on sale. The greatest cause for motivation constipation is my simple misunderstanding of what it will take to achieve my goal. I set the goal and then realize that it will take twice the effort to get there. I lose sight of my goal because the obstacle becomes larger than my view of it.

What happens to us when I fail to follow through with them?

I lose confidence. Confidence means “with fidelity”. Fidelity is faithfulness/loyalty/commitment. Confidence is both a mindset and an attitude with definite results. Semper Fidelis is the motto of the Marine Corps. Put simply it means “always faithful”. To live with confidence means to have a mindset that will not give up till the task is complete. To waver in that commitment takes a little bit of truth from my life. The more truth I take from my life, the less I trust myself. The end result is a drop in self-confidence. There is less commitment to the goal I have set.

Should we not make them if we have failed in the past to follow through?

Make the decision, find an accountability partner, create a plan, stick to the plan, expect to fail, make adjustments with your accountability partner as needed.
I’m not going to ask a fellow fat guy to keep me on track for my weight management…there is too much empathy…get a fit guy with a ripped 6 pack to hold you accountable. He’s done it so he knows what it takes…the fellow fat guy either doesn’t know what it takes or doesn’t have the discipline to hold himself or you accountable.

Make a New Years Resolution and find a trusted friend who has accomplished that same goal. Ask them to keep you accountable to reach your goal. When February roles around you’ll be in a better position to achieve your goal.

Make a resolution to follow through on your resolution.


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